"Choti-Si-Asha" A social endeavor of AIAC
  • "The charity that is a trifle to us can be precious to others."

    A Chinese story goes like this, a wise man, who was fishing was approached by a poor man for a fish, the wise man said, " Instead of giving you a fish and feeding you for one meal, I would be willing to teach you how to fish and therefore, allowing you to feed yourself and your family for life".

    "Choti Si Asha" believes in this principle and works towards it. It is a fact that a family's value system, it's relationship with community revolves more around the woman than the man. Identifying the urgent need to empower the woman of tomorrow with the knowledge of orientation towards acquiring a better quality of life, AIAC has structured this programme. The single most important aspect of this programme will be the success achieved in inspiring a girl to make the effort to seek out new possibilities of growth and development with the help of her mentor.

"Choti Si Asha" lays much emphasis on shifting the girl's focus on to real life achievers like Ritu Beri, Kiran Bedi and Indra Nooyi, thereby tilting their aspirations towards achievable dreams. It works on a mentor and child relationship, to the underprivileged girls, who for various reasons have left their studies midway and have no means of livelihood.

These mentors, hand holds and guides them to achieve their dreams. The child is counseled by the mentors and their field of interest is identified. Once this is done they are placed at various institutions or under individuals for training in tailoring, beauty & grooming and computers etc.

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